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Double Anklet Bracelet ⋙ Raw Wood Beads ⋙ Set of 2


$24.65 USD $29.00 USD

❂ 2 single lines anklets made of earthy and raw , hand cut , unpolished, natural Tulsi Wood ( Holy Basil ) . Can be worn also as bracelet or armband . Tulsi is very durable and you can leave it on while showering or in the water ❂

⫸⫸ SIZE ⫸⫸
Adjustable Size

Tulsi Wood ( Holy Basil )

⫸⫸ COLORS ⫸⫸
❀ Please note that colors of natural materials are unique and may vary a bit . We embrace this quality, as just like you and me - even the material will be who they want to be! ❀

🙏 Caring 🙏
feel free to shower or swim with any of our jewelry ~ take in consideration that natural materials get darker with time ~ Natural materials can be polished with oil ~ Brass can be polished with vinegar or lemon juice to restore brightness

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