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Shipibo Raw Silk Vest With Hoodie

Designer: Primitive Tribal Craft

$59.00 USD

☼ Shipibo Raw Silk Vest With Hoodie ☼

❂ Handwoven Raw Silk Vest With Hoodie And Shipibo Patch ❂

About the shipibo art ~
This artisan craft is usually carried out by the Shipibo women and they are taught from a very young age. The visions are inspired by working with the visionary plant medicine, Ayahuasca. Each elaborate design is encoded representing a different icaro (healing song) sung by the Shipibo shamans through ceremony. These songs are recreated into visual form, which are then patterned onto materials
The Patch is fully Handmade Hand embroidered

⫸⫸ SIZE ⫸⫸
One Size ~ fits XS-M
Please check the sizing chart in the last picture

We focus on natural materials and aim to support traditional crafts and ancient skills ~
striving to go deeper to the source of all materials

Our vision is to be able to connect with each being involved in the making from the very source,
Being able to Source the most ethical, fair trade, Eco and conscious materials

⫸⫸ COLOR ⫸⫸
❀ Please note that colors of handwoven fabrics are unique and may vary a bit from item to item. We embrace this quality, as just like you and me - even the fiber will be who they want to be! ❀

🙏 Caring 🙏
Handmade fabrics are best washed by hand or cold cycle with an ecological detergent (for our Earth 🌏)

🌏 ♻ 🌏
We aim to reduce / reuse / upcycle / recycle when it comes to packaging so please be understanding if you received a reused box or packaging :))

Feel free to contact us for any question or sharing of words

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Primitive Tribal Craft

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