Venho La Da Floresta


Venho La Da Floresta ( Mapu Huni Kuin and Ixa Hunikuin Cover ) ☼

English Translation ⋙⋘ Elad Nasich Mizrachi

Hebrew ⋙⋘ Ram Eagle Ben Ari

Adama Community Song Circle ⋙⋘

Video ⋙⋘ Noam Chojnowski

Sound ⋙⋘ Amos Rasta


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Frayed Sleeveless Linen Shirt ⋙

Linen Classic Straight Pants ⋙

Harem Pants ⋘⋙ Handwoven Natural Khadi Cotton

Wild Cotton Scarf ⋖⋘๑

Buttoned Natural Shirt ⋙ Handwoven Khadi Cotton

Sleeveless Shirt with Hoodie ⫸ Handwoven Khadi Cotton

Earthy Frayed Sleeveless Shirt ⋙ Handwoven Raw Silk

3/4 Natural Cotton Harem Pants



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Very nice song. Didn’t click with me at first, then kinda grew on me after hearing it a second time. Now, I love it! Thank you.


love you guys <3


Thank you for your love & light in this beautiful communion of soul , light and family 🙏
We must all remember to return ato and rest therein , in that still point that space between spaces when we learn to unlearn and simply stop , this is the undeniable the unexplainable truth the source of everything and all a glorious gift of grace and gratitude

Love light & blessings

Maírtín Ó Tuathail

You are all me! I belong with you all. I am you all. This reminds me of our medicine community in Costa Rica. I hope to come visit you all and sing with you someday. I first saw Venho da la Floresta when I was on a medicine tour on the east coast of the US last year and it has inspired me so much that I have learned the song and want to learn the words in Portuguese and Hebrew. I am so fascinated and pleased with what you are all doing. It really resonates with me and moves my heart. This is our life purpose. And so it is!!!!

Cheyenne Hernandez

So so beautiful. Thankyou for sharing. One Love.


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