About Us


Dedicated to bringing the awareness of conscious consumption, honoring and preserving the old traditional crafts and skills and supporting rural and tribal populations around the world.
We started this shop while traveling the world, encountering fascinating lands, people, communities and their arts and crafts, wanting to support them, keep a taste of that magic and share it with the whole world, And especially keeping alive these skills that are fading away in our modern world.
We wished in our hearts to find a way of supporting the preservation of these ancient crafts, bringing awareness to the modern world about it and helping these societies to sustain.
For us it's not about clothing but being a channel for evolving deeper consciousness, growth, kindness and love to all beings and the planet.
We share deep passion for ideology - human rights , animals rights , environmental awareness - love to the earth and all beings .
Our creations are different and break the tailored look - a lot of asymmetry, fraying, patches and tears .., a combination of the ancient and modern world .
inspired from the tribal crafts and textiles mixed with a modern touch.



Lets reunite as a tribe and create a more peaceful, connected and loving way of being,
bring  positive change to the world and support the movement of consciousness.
If you’d like to collaborate, please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas, visions, or projects.
We would love to hear from you!

Blessings & Love

~ Primitive Tribal Craft ~




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