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Maguey Fiber Bag ⋙⋘ Plant Fiber Bag ⋙⋘ Organic Strong Earthy Bag


$79.00 USD

❂ Beautiful handmade bags from Maguey fiber, this bag lasts & can carry everything ! ❂

☼ The strip is leather but can easily be replaced with any other material . Either in Natural Color ( light ) or smoked Tan color ☼

⫸⫸ SIZE ⫸⫸
Please check the sizing chart in the last picture

Maguey Fiber

⫸⫸ COLORS ⫸⫸
Natural Color or Tan

❀ Please note that colors of handwoven fabrics are unique and may vary a bit . We embrace this quality, as just like you and me - even the fiber will be who they want to be! ❀

🙏 Caring 🙏
Handmade fabrics are best washed by hand or cold cycle with an ecological detergent (for our Earth 🌏)

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