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Help Spay A Street Dog And Receive A Surprise Item

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Fundraiser to spay street dogs in India !!!

This is an issue that has been very close to my heart ...

For many years I have been traveling in India, seeing insane amount of street dogs that are often in horrific conditions .

From each birth about 1-2 survive and the ones who survive are usually exposed to violence , starvation ,diseases and death .

There is very little to no medical help and awareness in the local population .
Feeding street dogs and caring for a wounded animals is off course always a blessing , but I wanted to find a greater solution ...

Every spayed dog saves thousands more from lives on the street .
Weather you been or not been to India or other third world countries I hope you can see the massive importance of this .

I am trying to raise funds to spay as many dogs as possible and hopefully slowly we can make a big change .
I also hope you can encourage anyone around you , no matter where you live - not to buy dogs or breed dogs but go to the animal shelter and save ones life instead 🙏❤️

PLEAE NOTICE - this listing is pure donation . There is no exchanges or refunds .
If you want anything in specific size and gender please let us know otherwise we will send a unisex item .
Thank you !


If you want to confirm your exact size it’s very easy to measure !

⋙ tops ~ measure around your bust

⋙ bottoms ~ measure around your belt line

Please check the Size Chart in the last picture of each listing 🙏

~ Please Note ~ measurements are in inches

If you aren't able to measure , just let us know the usual size you go by 🦋


We focus on natural materials and aim to support traditional crafts and ancient skills ~ striving to go deeper to the source of all materials

Our vision is to be able to connect with each being involved in the making from the very source,

Being able to Source the most ethical, fair trade, Eco and conscious materials 


Earth Fabrics

Handmade fabrics are best washed by hand or cold cycle with an ecological detergent ~ for our Earth 🌏 🙏

⋙ Natural Jewelry ⋘

Feel free to shower or swim with any of our jewelry ~ take in consideration that natural materials get darker with time ~ Natural materials can be polished with oil ~ Brass can be polished with vinegar or lemon juice to restore brightness 💗


⋙ On All Orders Over $199 ⋘

We ship most orders within 1-2 business days, it depends on the item ordered, we ship most of our items from the USA.

Estimated delivery time for domestic shipments: 1-4 business days.

Estimated delivery time for international shipments: 7-21 business days.

The tracking number will be sent to you per email ~ Please check your spam folder if you can't find it :)

Estimated delivery time for international shipments is 7-21 business days (Courier Shipping will take about 2-10 business days).

We can ship to any destination you wish. ( We recommend to choose Courier Shipping for deliveries to Central & South America )

We do our best to get the items to you as soon as possible and in great shape.

Please remember natural fibers are each unique and have their own character in patterns and colors! That's their beauty and magic :)


We accept returns. If you are not satisfied with your item you can contact us and send it back within 14 days of receiving the item. We will refund you ( minus the shipping costs ) or you can get a full store credit .

~ Please Note ~ Also if you received free shipping we will need to charge for shipping.

Please contact us and we will give you a return shipping address 💗

Please use reused or recycled packaging when shipping back to us ! We don't need it to look nice we prefer to keep the earth nice ;))

You can use any old box or old envelope .. and we take responsibility for any risk or damage to the item so no need to add bubble wrap 🙏🌎🥰

Your happiness means a lot to us so don’t hesitate to contact us with any problem you have and we will happily support ! :)



⋙ Primitive Song Circles ⋘

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